User Reviews

User Reviews

This thing is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! Made exceptionally well, great idea and best of all it's portable. I have been looking for something like this for years. You will not regret ordering one.

- Marvin, Burlington, IA

These are the most unbelievably classy gun racks that I have ever seen.
I am a machinist and My own design that I have had in my head was not as thought out as this.

- Ernest, Winston-Salem, NC

"I was greatly impressed with the design and the workmanship of the gun racks.…With regard to your “Run Around Susan”, it is absolutely the best design I have seen. The upper portion gives the most protection and security of any system I have ever examined. Once the gun is placed on the rack, you have absolutely no worry that is going to fall or slip out.…Even fully loaded the rack spins effortlessly with the use of one or two fingers and there is absolutely no wobble or frailty in the system….was so impressed that after I purchased the first one and had a chance to try it out, I came back and bought another….These racks were not only for the hobby gun owner but due to their construction and ease of assembly (approximately two minutes); they are highly portable and are easy to take anywhere you want to go (hunting cabins, etc.). On a hunting trip instead of everybody propping their weapons against the wall (and half of them falling over), you have a secure system which gives you easy access to everybody’s weapons. Further, if you save the box that the “Run Around Susan” comes in, you have a safe and quick way to transport it without scratching it or damaging something else in your car.…Because of the quality of these items, I am proceeding to purchase other items from your company."

-Theodore, Kennesaw, GA

I've been around trap since 1964, our friend bought 3 or 4 of the 3 gun models at the Grand and I can't get wait to get mine out to use it. With your 3 gun rack maybe my Kolar will have a place to sit. Thanks for the great product and I will send you some pictures.

- Freddy Redmond

First of all, Thank You for the Gun Chair. As a Shotgun Instructor it really helps in several areas. First it gives me a portable gun rack to place any student's gun that is not being used at that moment which is a great safety function and helps free me from having to monitor students for poor handling skills. Lessons go smoother, students do not tire out holding their guns and all gun handling can be monitored one on one when the Gun Chair is there. Since it is portable it can be carried around the various shooting positions when teaching.

All of these are probably not new to you; however there is one area to add to your list, fishing. You might not be aware of how many fishing folk's break their rods while either unloading or loading back up for the return home. They, actually me, often manage to close tail gates, car doors and windows on wonderful rods. The other trick I have mastered is leaning rods against the side of the vehicle to avoid these accidents; however they fall over on the ground where you can easily step on them. The other good use for me is surf fishing with my Brother-in-law. They hold the extra rods while we are fishing and keep them out of the sand.

-Bill Smith, Atlanta, GA

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